Nose surgery

Nose surgery

The procedure is usually done under narcosis.

There are two possible ways to do the operation; with a closed and anopen method. The difference is in the approach to the nasal structures. With a closed method, all incisions are hidden inside the nose, however withan open method the incision is also on then nasal kolumel (this is a skin-cartilage pillar that separates the two nostrils).

This method allows a better view of the nasal structures and is used when it is necessary to transform the nasal tip. During the operation the bone cartilage framework is transformed, which gives the shape of the nose.

The final shape depends on the skin thickness on the nose; with thicker, oily skin it is more difficult to retain the shape of the nasal tip, as with dry thin skin.


After the surgery

After the surgery tampons are placed into your nostrils. An aluminum plate is placed on e nose, to reduce the pain after the operation. The tampons are removed 3 days after the surgery, which is slightly unpleasant. The plate is removed 5 days after the surgery.


There are swelling and bruises are, that can be reduced with postoperative cooling. All activities in which your head is bending forward are advised against, and also at least 2 months without sunbathing and sauna are not recommended.

Normally, the swelling and bruises disappear within three weeks. Make up can be used right after the surgery.

Possible complications

A wound infection might occur, or nosebleeds after removal of tampons. A sense of touch the tip of the nose slightly reduces, with occasional pain, which disappears within a few months.

Harder scars are possible to occur inside the nose that can affect the shape of the nose (however this is rather rare). What also can happen is a consequence of a poor communication between the surgeon and the patient, when the shape of the nose is not what the patient expected.

Sometimes, to get the perfect shape, a slight correction is needed even after the first procedure is done. However at least o year has to pass before another operation can be done (after a year the healing should be complete).

Although the operation and the healing process go through normally it may happen that for the perfect result another operation is needed. The second operation may happen after at least a year of the first operation since after this time the healing is complete.