Are breast implants always positioned under the muscle?

No. This is reserved for patients with thin tissue envelope, so the implant would show and would be palpable. Also the capsular rippling would be seen.

What is down time after breast augmentation?

It is advisable to take it slow for the first two weeks. The pain subsides after four to five days.

Can lip augmentation be done with a permanent filler?

Of course. It is best to use own fat. This is harvested with a small liposuction (under local Anesthesia), which is then purified and used to augment the lips, permanently.

How long can I be expected to see the effect of Botox?

For up to six months. The effect depends on the amount of Botox used. Usually we use the so called "Baby botox". This way the effect is more natural, and it lasts for about four months.