Face lift

Face lift

The procedure is usually done under narcosis; however it can also be done under local anesthesia. The procedure tightens the skin on the cheeks, as well as shagging and wrinkled skin. It simultaneously tightens and lifts the neck. 

The operation does not reduce wrinkles around the eyes, nor wrinkles from the nose to mouth corners. The scars are hidden in front or behind the ears.


After the procedure

When the operation is done, we swathe the face with compression bandage. Due to alleviation of the swelling the face starts cooling right after the surgery. Two drain pipes are inserted to prevent the accumulation of the blood under the skin. They are removed the next day. Also, lymphatic drainage is recommended, because it stimulates the healing.


There is swelling that usually disappears after a few weeks, somewhat earlier with regular lymph drainage. Also, for a few weeks to a few months, you will notice somewhat reduced sense on areas where the skin was tightened, since we have to cut the microscopic nerves during the lifting and skin tightening. But of course the sense returns after some time.

The visual result usually lasts from five to ten years. That depends on the skin type and the quality of the under skin tissue.

The scars are mainly gentle and barely visible.

Possible complications

Wound healing complications; inflammation, infection…What also can occur is the formation of hard scar tissue, which is rare and depends on an individual’s susceptibility to creating unsightly, hypertrophic scars.

Due to excessive skin tightening or as a result of the accumulation of subcutaneous blood there is a chance of a partial skin death, which is extremely unpleasant.

By far the most unpleasant is the facial nerve paresis, so-called nerve injury, which is required for the facial expressions.

Otherwise, after this procedure your skin will appear toned and youthful. However the expectations of the surgeon and a patient have to stay realistic.