Breast lift and breast reduction

Breast lift and breast reduction

A breast lift raises the breasts by lifting the sagging tissue of the breast. When there is enough tissue, the existing glandular tissue is formed and around it so-called skin “bra” is created. This way the result is prolonged, because the shape is not supported by the skin but by the transformed tissue.

When not enough tissue is formed, it is necessary to insert a breast implant. With the classic lift (without implant) the scar goes around the ring and vertically to the new skin fold. However in the procedure where an implant is needed, the scar is usually formed only around the ring. In this procedure the vertical cut is rare – the scar is the same as with the classical procedure.

Breast reduction is done with liposuction (when the excess issue is fat) or, more often, with surgical removal of the excess gland.

In both cases, the remaining tissue is then arranged and it forms a breast around which skin bra is formed. The scars go around the ring and vertically, rarely (when a bigger reduction is needed) also horizontal in the fold, which gives it a typical shape of a inverse "T" or an anchor.

The procedure is usually done under local Anesthesia. After the operation two drain tubes remain inside the wounds and are removed a day after (rarely two days after).


After the procedure

For at least three weeks, I recommend you wear a sports bra. The pain is usually bearable by only mild analgesics, especially with simultaneous usage of cooling compresses.

Most patients are concerned about the appearance of the scars after the operation is done. Those depend on every individual’s physiology of the healing. The vertical scar usually heals to become barely noticeable, the scar around the ring is a bit more visible. The ring passes gently into the skin of the breast. With a cut around the ring the naturally gentle transition is terminated with a scar which sharply separates the ring from the skin.

After the operation the sensitivity of the nipples is somewhat reduced for a few months.

The patients are advised to put off their work for a week, after that they can gradually continue with regular work.

Jogging and cross country skiing are advised to be avoided for at least a month.

Taking aspirin or similar preparations is not recommended at least 14 days before the procedure. Likewise smoking and anemia tend to prevent wound healing and can extend rehabilitation.

If a woman looses weight after the surgery, the breasts may droop again.