The procedure surgically flattens the abdomen by removing the extra skin which remained after a weight loss or child delivery.

What is more, the procedure also removes all of the stretch marks on the lower part of the stomach. The scar is usually hidden low on the waist, above the pubic bone and around the navel. In most cases, the navel has to be moved, somewhat minimized and beautified. The scar is situated at the border of the underwear, therefore it is recommended you wear your usual underwear on the day of the operation.

Abderoplastics can be combined with liposuction, to improve the appearance of the abdomen.


After the procedure

A few weeks after the procedure, the patient can experience tension and reduced sense of touch in the skin of the abdomen, which is only temporary. The scar is usually soft and invisible; the softening of the scar can take from a few months to a year.

After the operation, the patient has to wear an abdomen belt, for at least three to six weeks. Likewise, there is 10 - 14 days of rest recommended.

In cases, where we need to toughen the muscles of abdominal wall with stitches, the recommended rest is 4 - 6 weeks (fitness and heavy lifting are not recommended).

Possible complications and inconveniences

The skin is tightened and it forms the abdomen. However the tightened has poor circulation, which can cause long-term treatment. This applies mainly to the smokers and people with diabetes.

The operated area is drained with two drain tubes, which are removed one or two days after. Nevertheless there can be stain fluid collecting under the skin, and has to be removed with puncture. But luckily those are very rare complications. Like with every other operation, there can be complications with the healing of the wounds, which again causes long-term treatment (even a few weeks). This usually occurs with patients where besides the extra skin there is a necessary removal of the extra fat from the body (fat is a poor circulated tissue, which is the reason of more complications in the healing process).